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After almost 18 months collaborating with Karuna Trust to improve public health logistics, positive results are beginning to take shape. Vaccines and essential medicines are becoming reliably available for rural folks at over 100 PHCs across Karnataka. We hope to scale these positive impacts across the state over the next 2 years. Read about the journey here.

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Our Mission

In rapidly industrializing regions of Asia and Africa, over 70% of citizens live in rural towns and villages where coordination of off-grid commerce is problematic.  Here, logistical performance is low, and operating costs are higher than necessary.

Enter Logistimo.  We enable world-class supply chain management in the "first- and last-mile" using a simple, flexible, scalable and affordable supply chain technology that users love.

Logistimo is tailored for governments, corporations, small businesses and NGOs.  The platform delivers inventory, order & credit management, vehicle tracking/ routing/ scheduling, behavior monitoring, workflow, demand forecasting, replenishment optimization, network expansion, automated alerts, and opportunistic decision support for increasing profitability and improving service.


"Mobile phones now represent the world's largest distribution platform... The next billion mobile subscribers will consist mainly of the rural poor..."

World Bank, Information and Communication for Development Report, 2009


"Logistimo gives our team in the US a clear picture of procurement needs and operational risks in the field with little additional effort.  They make it possible to avoid a stock-out on life-saving medications, some of which patients must take daily to avoid developing drug resistance."

Arthur Ammann, MD
President, Global Strategies for HIV Prevention