18.72 million

Number of unimmunised children across the world

25.9 million

Tonnes of wheat and rice not reaching intended beneficiaries in India

80.3 percent

Mobile penetration in India

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Technology that adapts to your needs.

Agnostic to hardware profiles and network contexts

Logistimo is designed to meet the broadest spectrum of real-world challenges


Field users – spanning the breadth from highly trained professionals to semi-literate first time users of mobile devices – can be trained in as little as 15 minutes.


Rapidly evolving emerging market supply chains require technology that can accommodate new role players. Logistimo is inherently configurable for reorganising relationships across roles and hierarchies, safeguarding against technology obsolescence.


Smart design is the foundation of a highly scalable application. At no other point in the life cycle of an application is a software challenged more than when it must scale up. Our cloud architecture and common handset support can scale to include thousands of users tomorrow, or millions of users next week, without additional fixed costs or delays.

Dashboards delivering insights at a glance

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Inclusive value chains for rural citizens fulfill the promise of health equity, economic opportunity and growth across emerging markets

Showing resilience in South Sudan, a young nation emerging from conflict

Vaccine availability crossed 99% in this remote community
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We support small enterprises and multi-national organisations alike

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