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Join the tribe pioneering mobile and cloud technologies to transform frontier supply chains. Through software and value chain innovation, our people ensure access to critically essential products – such as vaccines, medicines, agricultural inputs, and clean energy technologies – at the true last-mile, improving the quality of life for people dependent on them. Working in emerging economies – from Zambia to Myanmar – we empower corporations, governments, and United Nations agencies to apply these novel approaches – from IoT to crowdsourcing –to reinvent value chains and scale positive impacts.

  • How do developers build inclusive value chains for rural citizens?
    • Optimize cloud and mobile for low resource settings
    • Scale to hundreds of millions of monthly transactions
    • Architect predictive analytics and machine learning for logistics optimization
    • Balance trade-offs between seamless synchronous & asynchronous multichannel transmission
    • Leverage lambda architecture for real-time dashboards & scalable analytics across multiple dimensions
    • Manage abstraction for open microservices architecture across the use case spectrum
    • Preserve simplicity and usability
    ActiveMQ Android AngularJS AWS Heroku Bootstrap Cadvisor Camel Cassandra Chef Cloud computing D3 JS Docker Elastic search Fusion charts GitHub Google App engine Google Maps Grafana Hadoop HTML5 Java Javascript Kibana Logstash MariaDB Nginx Node PhoneGap Play Redis Sensu Scala Spark Spring Tableau Yarn
  • How do supply chain and data scientists draw insights for systems evolution?
    • Gain deep contextual understanding from the analog world
    • Ask great questions to push the boundaries of what is possible
    • Synthesize information from diffuse datasets
    • Measure quantitative performance metrics
    • Derive and visualize field insights from big data
    • Recognize patterns, apply statistical modeling, and predict scenarios
    • Measure impact of technology enabled decisions
    • Publish what you learn to elevate the public discourse
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Inclusive value chains for rural citizens fulfill the promise of health equity, economic opportunity

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