>95% stock availability across over 12,000 stores

>96% reporting rate

>2 million transactions per month, >2TB of analytical data

Monitoring over 7000 fridges in real-time

> 80 million temperature data points per month

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Impact focussed, user-centric and
empowering people bottom-up

At Logistimo, we are strongly oriented towards impact. We strive to deliver high availability and quality of products across all the supply chains we support, with high efficiency. We achieve this by empowering people at all levels in the supply chain with our tools and adopting a user-centric approach towards service design.

Our footprint

Logistimo is currently deployed in 6 countries and across different types of rural supply chains including health commodities, agricultural inputs and energy products. We currently have over 12,000 stores in our network, over 95% of them being below district, and over 15,000 users accessing our services through mobile phones. We are currently supporting one of the largest immunization cold-chains in the world, ensuring availabilty and potency of over 430 million doses of vaccines annually.