• May 05 2017

    Government's eVIN drawing global attention

    The Government’s Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN), an indigenously developed online real-time vaccine logistic management system rolled out in 12 States in India, is now drawing global attention. Launched in 2015, the eVIN, which the Union Health Ministry touts as a ‘global best practice’ in immunisation aims to support the Government’s Universal Immunisation Programme by providing real-time information on vaccine stocks and flows, and storage temperatures across all cold chain points in implementing States.

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  • Apr 22 2017

    The Immunization ‘Innovations Of Tomorrow’ Are Here Today

    Four extraordinary innovations are shared in the Huffington Post by Dr. Orin Levine, Director of Vaccine Delivery, at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, of which he talks about vaccine delivery using drones, vaccine intelligence, building smart vaccines and mobile money. In his own words: "Enter the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network—or eVIN. Developed by a local firm, Logistimo, and recently launched in India by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in partnership with Government of India, eVIN provides healthcare workers with real-time information on vaccine stock, storage and fridge temperatures. All of it is made possible by simply connecting mobile phones at health clinics with data dashboards used by managers at local and national levels".

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  • Apr 01 2017

    Zambia improves real-time tracking of vaccines, reduces stock outs

    In search for a solution to track vaccines in real-time, the Zambian Ministry of Health and WHO decided to pilot a web-based logistic management information system (LMIS) in 34 facilities at the start of 2016. Through the web and mobile phones, the system allows supply chain managers in the country’s national, district and provincial vaccine warehouses and stores to monitor vaccine stocks, use, and expirations minute-by-minute. The system also monitors the cold chain to ensure vaccines are kept at the correct temperature at all times. With additional funding from UNICEF, the system has now been scaled up to 115 facilities in every district in Zambia, each with at least one trained staff to manage it. As a result, nearly all facilities are reporting on-time each month to the Ministry of Health and nearly all are correctly stocked so vaccines do not go unused.

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  • Dec 30 2016

    eVIN - Vaccine monitoring system rolled out in 11 states of India

    In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, UNDP aims to support the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) by implementing an Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN), a mobile phone based software innvoation for logistics management and remote temperature monitoring. Using the data from eVIN, UNDP and the Government are strengthening the evidence base for improved policy-making in vaccine delivery, procurement and planning for new antigens. Integrating innovation with health care, eVIN aims to strengthen the vaccine supply chain to ensure equity in vaccine availability. eVIN is now rolled out in 11 States in India covering over 10,000 cold-chain stores across these states, with a majority of the health workers in rural health facilities accessing the system using mobile phone applications.

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  • Jun 24 2016

    CEO, Anup Akkihal speaks at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016

    Anup Akkihal was invited as a speaker on a panel of speakers at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that has experience operating in low-tech environments across the globe. The session outlines the solutions the panelists have created to meet the challenges of operating in low-tech environments, as well as the future opportunities that traditionally low-tech environments offer to entrepreneurs.

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  • Jun 15 2016

    Anup Akkihal, CEO participates in ET & Cisco’s ‘The Startup Ecosystem in India: The Way Forward." Entrepreneurship Summit 2016

    Anup Akkihal, CEO, Logistimo joined a group of entrepreneurs in the city to debate thestate of the Indian startup ecosystem at Economic Times & Cisco’s ‘The Startup Ecosystem in India: The Way Forward.” The Bengaluru chapter was a part of the three-city ‘Digitising India: Innovation in the digital Era’ initiative that Cisco is spearheading in collaboration with The Economic Times.

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  • Feb 15 2016

    Fast Company names Logistimo among the Top 10 Innovative Companies 2016

    Fast Company chose Logistimo among the top 10 innovative companies in India in 2016, for keeping recipients updated on deliveries without Internet access.

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  • Aug 07 2015

    Logistimo at Brookings Blum Roundtable (2015)

    Anup Akkihal, CEO, Logistimo was a panelist at the twelfth annual Brookings Blum Roundtable on Global Poverty in Aspen, Colorado. This year’s roundtable theme, “Opportunities and Challenges for Business.” The event brought together global leaders, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and public intellectuals to discuss three trends in particular have the potential to redefine how global development occurs and how efforts will support it over the next 10 years: (1) the growing adoption of digital payments serving people everywhere with near-frictionless transactions; (2) the spread of internet connectivity and digital literacy; and (3) the harnessing of data to better serve the poor and to generate new knowledge.

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  • Sep 07 2014

    Logistimo partners with JSI and UNFPA in Myanmar

    Over the past two years Logistimo enabled the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Myanmar, with support from John Snow Inc. (JSI) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), to design and implement the reproductive health commodity logistics system (RHC-LS) in 12 townships in four states/regions in Myanmar. With support from the UN Commission on Life Saving Commodities and the Supply Chain Technical Reference Team, the MOH and JSI implemented quality improvement teams (QITs) to improve the use of data for supply chain decision making. This enhances the supply chain’s performance and ability to deliver products to the client level.

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  • July 18 2014

    Logistimo wins the mBillionth award in the m-Health category

    Logistimo won the mBillionth award in the m-Health category for managing public health using mobile phones. Nominations for the award were pre-filtered and the final selection carried out by a grand jury of 15 members who evaluated 126 nominations. There were 24 winners and 6 special mentions. Logistimo won for its rural health management information system using mobile/tablets. The mBillionth Award South Asia is given annually since 2010 for innovations in mobile communications in South Asia. Its stated mission is "to recognise and honor excellence in mobile communications across South Asia... recognising and felicitating mobile innovations, applications and content services delivery.“

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  • March 25 2013

    Logistimo co-authors paper on mHealth in improving TB care and control

    In conjunction with scholars from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, McGill University and World Health Partners, Logistimo is happy to announce the publication of our paper "Mobile health to improve tuberculosis care and control: a call worth making". Along with lead author Claudia Denkinger (Department of Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston), and co-authors from McGill University (Jasmine Grenier, Nitika Pant-Pai and Madhukar Pai) in Montreal and World Health Partners (Anna Stratis) in Delhi, Logistimo is happy to announce publication of a new paper in the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IJTLD) called “Mobile health to improve tuberculosis care and control: a call worth making” (behind firewall). We are honored by the opportunity to collaborate with these scholars, and hope the insights shared will spark innovations in the area of tuberculosis treatment and management.

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  • Oct 12 2012

    Positive Feedback from South Sudan

    The Government of the Republic of South Sudan and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has launched Logistimo for the Extended Programme for Immunization (EPI).The Government of the Republic of South Sudan is working with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and project OPTIMIZE – a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-supported effort to improve vaccine supply chains that is managed by World Health Organization (WHO) and PATH – to test a cloud-based logistics management information system that enables basic mobile phones to manage vaccine logistics. Logistimo was deployed in May 2012 and is now being used in the central store, ten state stores, and all six counties of Central Equatoria State. So far, the response from Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) staff has been positive.“The procedure is very simple and it helps to accelerate our work, with timely response from national level,”says Teresa Adams Deng (EPI Manager, Jonglei State).

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  • June 01 2011

    Economic Times Highlights Logistimo CEO

    After building field and tactical logistics systems for war fronts Akkihal thought it was time to come back to India and apply a similar system to the rural areas in India which are now connected through mobile phones While incubating the idea in MIT, Akkihal advised NGOs on a pro-bono basis before coming up with the product 'Saamanguru'. After receiving a grant from the Deshpande centre that funds technological innovations at MIT, Akkihal wanted to conduct a research on local individual chemists in Northern Karnataka for very personal reasons. "I remember falling ill during every visit to India and not getting medicines on time. That's why I wanted to conduct a research on chemists," said Akkihal.

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