Open source platform for managing low-resource supply chains using mobile phones

Platform for low-resource environments

Low resource supply chains, such as rural supply chains, pose significant challenges in collecting digital data from remote locations, including poor network connectivity and the staff's capacity to use technology or manage inventory.

Logistimo offers a robust technology platform with simple mobile and web applications that simplify data collection across the entire supply chain network, esp. from the last mile, and deliver actionable analytics to users at every level in the supply chain. The platform enables reliable data collection over unreliable networks, through a novel utilization of mobile Internet and SMS communication channels, while also working in a fully offline mode. It delivers out-of-the-box descriptive and predictive analytics to drive supply chain performance through a scalable analytics platform. Logistimo supports all the major supply chain capabilities including inventory management, order management, inventory optimization, workforce management, real-time dashboards and big data analytics. In addition to optimizing inventory, Logistimo enables monitoring of storage conditions (such as temperature, or moisture) by integrating data from telemetric sensors with an IoT (Internet of Things) based infrastructure, with an ability to handle billions of data points.

Key features of the platform

The overall architecture goals of the system is to provide a highly available, scalable and usable logistics and supply chain management tool for users, to manage and optimise the inventory and logistics across different sectors. The platform is built over an open source stack

    • Highly scalable: The platform is highly scalable and can handle thousands of materials across millons of stores with many millions of transactions and telemetric data points. Logistimo follows a multi-tiered, service oriented architecture that enables horizontal scaling as the workload increases.
    • Reliable transactions: The system supports a highly reliable transactional service that can work in unreliable network environments, where transactions can come over Internet or SMS, and data synchronized from a large number of mobile phones. The service enables de-duplication of transactions, while also dealing with incomplete and out-of-sequence messages coming over SMS.
    • Compute-intensive operations: Computation intensive operations such as those required for inventory optimization can be performed across a large number of inventory items through a distributed computing infrastructure.
    • Flexible: The platform support abstracted workflows, whose behavior can be changed through a few parameters, enabling reasonable flexibility across sectors. The system itself is extensible through the APIs as well as through code.
    • Interoperable: The platform provides Java and REST APIs to enable easy integration with other systems. The system also enables data ingestion and export in CSV or other formats.
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Logistimo source code is licensed under GNU AGPL v3

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