“The largest segment of the world’s poor are the women, children and men who live in rural environments.”

Matteo Mancini The private sector and the sustainable development goals: Business engagement for the post 2015 development agenda (2015)
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Economic opportunity for 3 billion people
across emerging markets

Inclusive value chains for rural citizens will drive a renaissance for more than 50% of the developing world – fulfilling the promise of health equity and economic opportunity for 3 billion people across emerging markets.  However, a novel and resilient technology is needed to achieve high performing supply chains in these low-resource contexts.  Logistimo’s open source software, deployment methods and insights represent a platform for achieving inclusive growth.

Our approach

The best device is the one that is in your hand - and that gadget is increasingly a smartphone, even in remote and rural settings. Working off that basic premise, Logistimo’s technology uses the ubiquitous mobile phone, and cloud computing technologies, to tackle information asymmetry in the system and ensure availability of essential goods like vaccines and medicines in rural areas. From a farmer in a remote village to a town stockist everyone depends on the visibility and transparency of information in their supply chain.  In this video Arun talks to Mint about our approach.