Why Logistimo

Inclusive value chains for rural citizens will drive a renaissance for >50% of the developing world – fulfilling the promise of health equity and economic opportunity for 3 billion people across global emerging markets.

High performing supply chains in low-resource settings can unlock this potential, but require a novel technology platform to remain resilient in those contexts and for those users.

Logistimo pioneers network-agnostic mobile and web software to establish logistical visibility across all echelons; and this abundance of data drives predictive analytics and opportunistic decision support empowering anybody to optimally participate in important value chains.

Why Logistimo

What makes it special

  • Usability
    High Usability

    Designed for the intended end-user of the system

  • Network Abstraction
    Network Abstraction

    Works across traditional and non-typical hierarchies

  • Transmission Resilience
    Transmission Resilience

    Automated and opportunistic toggling between transmission channels (WiFi, GPRS, SMS & Offline)

  • Interoperability

    Three degrees of integration – loose, medium or tight – based on your needs

  • Mobility

    Simple user experience, even for low-capacity and first-time mobile users

  • Device Agnosticism
    Device Agnosticism

    Supports Java handsets, smart android phones and web browsers

What's in the toolbox

  • Smart Forecasting & Optimization

    • Range of real-time forecasting methods
    • Predictive analytics and visualized simulations
    • Optimized replenishment quantities and schedules
    • Opportunistic decision support
    • Network-wide “flowcasting”
  • Multi-Dimensional Analytics

    • Easy visual dashboards with drill-down investigation
    • Customized XLS reports emailed to users on fixed schedules
    • Out-of-the box reports to manage program lifecycle
  • Real-Time Notification Framework

    • Configurable multi-language (Unicode) message templates
    • > 60 alert types
    • SMS alerts, streaming feeds, and daily, weekly & monthly email digests
  • Telemetric Monitoring

    • GPS tracking throughout the logistics system
    • Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM) of program assets
  • Intelligent Inventory Management

    • Batch & expiry management
    • Smart queries, filtration by tags
    • Local data quality checks on mobile app
    • Trend analysis
    • Exception reports
  • Multi-Echelon Order Management

    • Better decision support to warehouse managers at all levels for both allocating and confirming orders
    • Ability to reserve stock on order allocation. Visibility of allocated quantity, available to ship stock, in addition to current stock-on-hand
    • End to end cycle or order cycle & fulfilment tracking
    • Partial shipments, fulfilments & backordering tracking
    • Consumption based order recommendation & frequency
    • Transfers between any two nodes in the supply chain
  • Asset Monitoring and Management

    • Ability to track working condition of assets
    • Single & multi sensor device integration
    • Temperature, battery & power monitoring
    • Remote management of hardware configuration
    • Alarms & notifications
  • Scalable Metadata Management

    • Manual entry via web & mobile
    • Spreadsheet uploads and downloads with error processing
    • Three ways to geo-stamp locations
    • Entity, material and user tags for easy filtration
  • Dynamic Transport Management

    • Drag & drop routing on tables or maps; mobile guides to help drivers
    • Delivery and collection route scheduling using tags
    • Actual versus planned routes
    • Click by click history on a map
    • Mobile guides to help drivers
  • Workforce Monitoring

    • Click-by-click monitoring of user behaviours for login, GPS and transactional “fingerprints”
    • No more “one-size-fits all” – understand individual patterns to enable meaningful conversations with each user