We are a tribe of diverse, compassionate and technically skilled people – working in a highly directed and collaborative environment, where experimentation, evidence–driven design, software development and in-the-field impact realization are paramount to our deoxyribose nucleic acid.


Anup Akkihal

chief executive

Anup Akkihal is an action researcher and systems thinker with 16 years' experience building technology and crafting strategy in military, pharmaceutical, agriculture, energy, automotive & retail industries – across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. He’s had the privilege of designing field/tactical logistics systems for the U.S. Army, managing SAP enterprise software projects, advising UNDP, WHO, USAID and UNFPA on logistics strategy, and providing inclusive web-scale technology to governments in Myanmar, South Sudan, Zambia and India. Anup co-founded an “inclusive supply chain” effort called Logistimo in 2011 to pioneer novel value networks in frontier markets. Alongside collaborators, he works to assure rural access to essential products and strengthen market linkages for village producers across emerging markets — especially in public healthcare, agriculture, energy, industrial goods, and consumer products. Born and raised in West Virginia, Anup studied at the Johns Hopkins University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Arun Ramanujapuram

chief technology officer

Arun started his career at Xerox Research in technology development in the area of Digital Rights Management and moved into a role that takes technologies to business. This culminated in a joint spin-off between Xerox and Microsoft. Around the same time, he joined a California-based start-up in the Enterprise Information Integration space. He subsequently worked at Yahoo! India, first as a product manager on Communities products, and later incubating an Advanced Technology Group that built technology & products for Web Search (which eventually became Y! Labs). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Bangalore University and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

"All of us are extremely blessed to be what we are. I believe that each of us should strive to give back to society by engaging in sincere service of the needy – at every opportunity, and in whatever way we can. This, I believe, represents the true evolution of our spirit and I hope we can collectively work towards this ideal".

Amar Kalmadi

chief financial officer

Amar brings diverse experience across a wide range of sectors including product development, strategy, analytics and finance in IT and financial services. Starting his career with IBM, Amar gradually evolved from providing solutions for technical problems (at IBM & Oracle), then technical solutions for business problems (GE) and finally to business solutions for business problems (HSBC and beyond). In his previous corporate role at HSBC, he led the Strategy & Planning function for the global service delivery organization, providing strategic and decision support for the Global Head and his Executive Committee. A newfound entrepreneurial spirit and desire to build something from bottom-up eventually led him to Logistimo. After helping set up the field R&D office for Logistimo’s on-demand logistics service, he now leads the finance function, straddling big-picture thinking and detail orientation. Amar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Karnatak University and MBA with Strategy & Analytical Finance majors, from the Indian School of Business (ISB). He believes that it is possible to do well by doing good, with sound ethics and fairness.

Sharath Chandangoudar

Director - Operations

Sharath is a co-founder of Logistimo, with 11+ years of experience in field operations, consulting, and program leadership. His experience spans banking, social enterprise, and nonprofits ranging from microfinance, healthcare, clean energy, dairy and agriculture. Sharath’s background is in finance, with experience in both mainstream and social investment banking. Early in his career at State Street Bank, he developed an interest in bridging the gap between capital markets and social impact. While at Unitus Capital, Sharath specialized in arranging capital for microfinance institutions and other social enterprises, benefiting those at the Base of the Pyramid. His strengths are most pronounced building coherent teams and leading people to deliver complex projects in challenging environments. Sharath coordinated the field research that became the foundation of Logistimo’s business and product design, and organized deployment and technical assistance for the world’s largest vaccine supply chain program. He currently leads “Customer Success” efforts, including product training & deployment, client engagement, capacity building, technical support, and occasional research pilots in places as diverse as India, Myanmar and Zambia. In 2014 he played a key role in the formation of Tusker, a Logistimo initiative addressing some of the most pressing challenges of rural transportation and access to clean energy. Sharath was born and raised in Bangalore and pursued graduate studies at Jain University, Bangalore, receiving a degree in business management.


Charan Malemarpuram

Director - Engineering

Charan is passionate about applying technologies to solve last mile problems. As Director of Engineering, he oversees some of Logistimo's most distinctive work, including its flagship supply chain platform that enables nations and corporations across the globe to provide essential goods to the last mile. Prior to joining Logistimo in 2014 Charan worked at Cognizant for nearly a decade where he played various engineering roles including some key leadership roles. During his tenure, he worked in search and web technologies for Ask.com, Usage analytics platform for dictionary.com, and on enterprise tax calculation software for ADP. Born and raised in Andhra Pradesh, Charan holds an engineering degree in Computer Science from JNTU.

  • Charan

    Amit Akkihal

    Principal - Strategy

    Amit is a polymath whose logic and rhetoric bring a broad and tempered historical perspective, balancing the strengths of teams heavily weighted in engineering or management. His non-traditional career spans financial mathematics at Moody’s Investor Services in New York while a student at Columbia University, to independent consulting for Microsoft and Cambridge Networks. For Logistimo, he has guided strategic posture from the onset, executed field research in villages across south India, and has nurtured special programs. Amit brings deep knowledge of literature, history, language, geography and socio-political into practical strategic approaches. He has traveled extensively across the globe. He exhibits a sharp sense of distinction in matters of policy and social justice.

  • Anu

    Anu Murthy

    Principal - Human Resources

    Anu has 7 years of experience working with Human Resources. Her passion for Human Resources stems from her wanting to create a meaningful and effective relationship between an organization and an employee. She’s worked across various functions of HR with a variety of organizations ranging from NPO's to MNC’s. She's always been interested in leaving the world a better place and in her attempt to do so, she co-established a not for profit organization (Make a Difference, Bangalore) and spends a bit of time working with children each year. She’s passionate about fitness and teaching pre-natal yoga. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

  • Raj

    Raj Ganesh

    Product Manager

    Raj has over 10 years of experience in product management and strategy and 4 years of startup experience. He’s worked extensively on all aspects of the product lifecycle. He has created, defined, developed and delivered new products and offering. Prior to Logistimo, Raj worked with several global organizations, including Escorts Limited, Tata Consultancy Services (where he managed a $5M product as one of their youngest product managers). IDEO, Real NVC, UK Trade & Investment and Seynse Technologies, and even failed at founding a couple of companies - TheLearning.org and Grocerst.com (he succeeded in learning some very important lessons). Raj survived his Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge without too much liver damage, and a Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra. In his spare time, Raj is an avid photographer. He’s a sporty, outdoorsman who’s always on the lookout for the next adventure, and always up for a racquet game. He also loves to travel to historical destinations, or take off on long road trips on his motorbike. Though he doesn’t think of himself as much of a runner, he’s completed a 200Km endurance cycle race under 11hrs 55mins and a 10K in 68mins.

  • Trilok

    Trilok Jain

    Senior Developer

    Trilok was inspired by Logistimo’s use of technology in making essential commodities available in low-resource and rural areas. He works on building software components that make Logistimo’s rural transportation system (Tusker) efficient. Prior to Logistimo, Trilok has worked with a few corporations - most recently, WalmartLabs as a Senior Engineer where he worked on Identity and Access management, and RangDe, a small social enterprise (which he is most fond of) as VP Technology. Trilok holds a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering from NIT Warangal and a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. Whilst not at work, Trilok can be found on a badminton court; or with a book; or lost somewhere in space.

  • Kavya

    Kavya Shetty

    Business Analyst

    You’ll probably need to stop to catch your breath before you catch Kavya. Or catch up with her. She moves in a blur and talks even faster. A single word to describe her: Ninja. Which rhymes with her name. Which is ironic, because she loves poetry. When you finally catch up, you’ll be glad you did. She’ll speak to you at length about the product, the projects, the impacts and the possibilities. It’s not surprising she knows as much as she does. She’s done it all, and some more that she hasn’t told you about. She has traveled to Myanmar and various parts of India to support project implementation, train users and contribute to numerous public health and vaccination projects. In these countries, she has managed projects that use mobile and web applications to support field and supervisory work. She is particularly interested in the role of technology in supporting sustainable development in rural communities. Prior to joining Logistimo, she worked with EY for over 4 years in the capacity of a risk & business process consultant in the advisory division. Kavya happily joined Logistimo in 2015 to help make a greater impact, both in India and abroad and enjoys burning the midnight oil to further those efforts. Kavya received a postgraduate degree in General Management from Indian School of Business and a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College. When her nose is not at the grindstone, she’s meditating on more efficient ways to achieve impacts or web surfing in pursuit of the next graphic novel to add to her much-sought-after collection. She loves the mountains & forests more than beaches, and tramps little-known paths to attend offbeat music festivals.

  • Ivy

    Ivy Samuel

    Principal - Communications

    Ivy works on a variety of communications initiatives to support the company’s key products. Her workstation’s the one at the corner of the street where content, design, user experience, and strategy combine to form great communication. She’s been training at being a communications professional for more than 15 years at organizations like Times of India, HP and CGI. When she’s not writing she is catching speeding bullets with her teeth or aiming for freedom to sail the seven seas as a legendary pirate.

  • Mohan

    Mohan Raja

    Software Developer

    Mohan Raja joined the Logistimo team after spending three and a half years in Chennai with Cognizant Technology Solutions. He is a consummate team player and sharp problem solver. Intelligent, quick-witted (and footed) and a live-wire, he infects everyone around him with his enthusiasm and zest. Mohan is an engineer who is fascinated with the organic connections that arise out of complex systems. You will often find Mohan shapeshifting into a bodybuilder or mimicking Bruce Lee. It’s evident that the energy in him has to find an outlet in movement, and that’s not surprising. He is a – in Taekwondo, and his consuming passions are learning new technologies and playing with kids. He has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Master of Computer Application in Information Technology from the Vellore Institute of Technology.

  • Kaniyarasu

    Kaniyarasu D

    Full Stack Developer

    Kani is a full stack developer who has a quiet passion for making a social impact by writing meaningful software. At Logistimo Kani works with UI, backend applications, analytics application, infrastructure setup and operation handling. Prior to Logistimo, he was a Big Data Engineer with Cognizant Technology Solutions, where he was part of a hand-picked team to build a complex and analytic system for a client, and won more than a handful of honors and awards for his excellent work. He’s left his footprint in every project and assignment he’s been a part of with his strong acumen for algorithms, programming, analytics & problem solving and his in-depth technical knowledge and ability to explore and master new technologies in a short span of time. Kani graduated from Kongu Engineering College with a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology. When not at work, Kani looks forward to playing a game of cricket, or watching a match. He also enjoys cooking (and eating).

  • Nitisha

    Nitisha Khandelwal

    Software Developer

    As a Backend Java Developer, Nitisha works primarily on web scale, high availability micro services based distributed architecture. Earlier in her career with Flipkart, and before that, IBM, she has developed multiple products from scratch, right from requirement gathering from product and operations teams to HLD/LLD, development, testing, deployment, monitoring and alerting. Nitisha has a passion for developing products from scratch and is interested in learning and using new technologies for the benefit of her projects as well as for her growth as a developer. Her teammates know her to be hardworking, dedicated and imbued with a great sense of responsibility and ownership. She graduated from Rajasthan University with a Bachelors of Computer Applications and a Masters of Computer Applications from Banasthali Vidyapith. Originally from the beautiful city of Jaipur Nitisha has a keen aesthetic eye, and enjoys yoga, reading fiction, talking about trends and social movements.

  • Neeraj

    Neeraj Thakare

    Data Scientist

    Neeraj Thakare has the perfect eyesight. And insight. His -9 prescription eyewear camouflages x-ray vision that can make the most enigmatic data reveal its innermost mysteries. He doesn’t say much but when he does, the clouds stop to listen (and generate a report). At Logistimo Neeraj surfs the time stream and predicts the future. He calls it flowcasting. He is all about the numbers. His main interest is to sift through statistical information so as to understand its significance to the context and help Logistimo make strategic business decisions. He’s happiest using his data superpower to further human equity and social justice. Prior to Logistimo, Neeraj was a Data Scientist at FICO and before that, a Program Manager at Avanti Learning Centres. He grew up in Pune before traveling out to get a Bachelors and a Masters in mechanical engineering. Food, fiction, board games, puzzles, linguistics, humor, art, travel and world cinema are his avid interests. He enjoys any adventure that leads to serendipitous discoveries of new cuisines, games and people. Neeraj is an engineer who hates writing bios about himself.

  • Vinayak

    Vinayak Kothurwar

    Principal – Supply Chain

    Vinayak is business development executive, product strategy specialist, analytics expert, and resident pundit in all matters supply chain. He’s been involved with Logistimo from the very beginning and has traveled the field, providing technical assistance and training for deployments in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Myanmar and Zambia. His interactions with end users on the field and supply chain systems thinking positioned him ideally to provide valuable feedback to product strategy and a create a framework for the customer success team to help scale Logistimo. As an accomplished supply chain analyst, he used his experience to analyze large amounts of data to assess Logistimo's adoption and impact in the last mile. He was also involved during the concept and assessment stage of Tusker - logistics for rural delivery. Before Logistimo he was part of the Global Analytics team at HP where he helped them set up a Center for excellence in Supply Chain that would do internal consulting projects within HP for teams across the world. He was also part of demand planning for ink jet printers for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Prior to that, he was a Supply Chain Strategy Consultant for CHAINalytics, gaining expertise in building demand forecast models, large-scale data analysis, and network design for Apple computers, Philips and JSW Steel. He’s a graduate of Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering where he earned a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He also went on to do a Masters in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Tech in Atlanta. A certified scuba diver, he loves travel, adventure, whitewater rafting, and the outdoors. He’s also passionate about new technology, disruptive start-up ideas and craft beers.

  • Kumar

    Kumar Gaurav

    Senior Developer

    Kumar was raised in Motihari, Bihar, the place where Mahatma Gandhi started his satyagraha movement. He joined Logistimo to have fun building microservice architecture that fits well with business-driven development and cloud application architectures, and to dive into big data challenges. He imbues everything he does with his worldview: “Honesty is the only option. Clarity is better than ambiguity.” When he’s not doing his day job, Kumar travels. He’s visited 22 of India’s 29 states. One of the craziest things he’s ever done is spend a whole night alone on an island in Chilka lake. A big foodie, he is always looking for the next big palate-tickling culinary adventure. Kumar graduated from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Sadiq

    Sadiq Ahmed

    Test Engineer

    Sadiq is a test engineer and a start-up enthusiast. He is fond of building frameworks, exploring new technologies and building great teams. Ambitious, focused and determined, he has built a GUI framework using Selenium-WebDriver. In his free time, he reads, browses through blogs or watches movies starring his favorite actors: Christian Bale, Will Smith, Adam Sandler & Leonardo DiCaprio. He has a penchant for motivational films, and can spend many a happy hour watching TV series like Shark Tank and Big Bang Theory. His love for travel has taken him to Delhi, Agra, Darjeeling, Manali, Gokarna, Coorg, Karaikal, Pondicherry, Tiruchy, Tirunelveli, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Madurai, Goa and Velankanni. He uses these opportunities to push his limits, and has bungee-jumped in Thailand and trekked in Nagalapuram hills, Sakleshpur and Wayanad. Currently, he’s training for a half-marathon.

  • Kishore

    Kishore Kaluri

    Operations Manager

    Kishore is a driven transport operations man. He has many years’ experience in multiple roles, and loves to learn continuously and evolve – which makes him ideally placed to don multiple hats and contribute to the company in multiple ways at critical junctures. Some may call Kishore a seasoned operations executive, but we call him our logistics champion. He launched the business for rural freight transportation within a month of joining Logistimo. He also drove technology adoption by training rural transporters on the android app for logistics. When he’s not leading and motivating the team, he’s on the phone ensuring performance standards and customer satisfaction is maintained to the highest level. Kishore’s undeniable strength is the flexibility to shoulder exciting new challenges and react quickly to ever changing business demands whilst remaining calm at all times. Prior to Logistimo his impressive and diverse work experience includes working with a billion-dollar company as well as in dynamic start-up companies. When the office closes Kishore can be found spending time with his family – throwing a ball around with his daughter or catching up on the latest Telugu thriller. Kishore received a Masters in Business Administration from Indian School of Business and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Information Technology.

  • Srikanth

    Srikanth Reddy

    Quality Manager

    Srikanth provides leadership and strategic oversight of the quality function, and acts as Logistimo’s focal point for quality. His main focus is benchmarking a high degree of quality software application releases by implementing practical and effective process, adopting continuous improvement methods throughout the test lifecycle and ensure that project schedules and customer expectations are met. As a technical quality manager Srikanth has hands-on experience in designing and developing automation frameworks for GUI and APIs, automating web & mobile applications, conducting performance testing and adopt SCRUM/Agile development practices. Over a career spanning about 13 years with companies like Tecnotree, Convergys Information Management and Lifetree Convergence Ltd, Srikanth has been exposed to on-site project implementation where he has worked directly with users and clients, and gained an invaluable understanding of on-site/offsite/offshore delivery models. His experience in institutionalizing best practices and quality standards in product based environments is also much sought after.

  • Vani

    Vani S Hemmige

    Software Developer

    Vani is a developer at Logistimo and believes in using knowledge and technology to do good to the world. She believes strongly in doing any work with sincerity and dedication and believes good results will follow. Apart from work, she has a wide variety of other interests which include Carnatic music, gardening, reading, art/craft, cooking etc. Vani graduated as an Instrumentation and Electronics Engineer from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.

  • Naveen

    Naveen S Nair

    Software Developer

    Naveen is an engineer with more than two years of experience in information technology. Working at Logistimo has allowed Naveen to apply his strong design and object oriented programming skills and expertise in user interface development across various technologies and multiple projects. Over his career Naveen has worked on search engine optimization, web page development, web page monitoring systems and various frameworks like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Codeignitor and Dotcms. His interest in software led him to dive deep into a number of UI technologies and Scrum development models. His particular strength is operating under fuzzy environments where requirements and expectations are unclear and have to be self-derived. Prior to Logistimo Naveen worked as a Java developer at Cognizant. He holds a Master of Computer Applications in Information Technology from the Vellore Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from SRM University. Naveen’s two big passions are cricket and long drives.

  • Devdutt

    Devdutt Mishra

    Business Analyst

    Dev supports project implementations in Zambia and India, including deployment, analytics, consulting and ongoing support. Dev’s prior career was working in the "corporate world". He handled business transformation and sales activities for Deloitte. Before that, he was with General Motors, where he focused on research & design, supplier relationship management, product lifecycle management and RFQ validations. Dev has built formidable expertise in supply chain – demand forecasting, demand planning, inventory management, make to order and stock scenario analysis. He’s also worked on financial valuation of companies for checking acquisitions benefits using the discounted cash flow method. Dev graduated from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Operations and Finance from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar. He’s also successfully completed a course in Business Analytics, has a global certification of Tableau software for Data Visualization and cleared the CFA level 1 and FLIP certification in Trade Finance and Cash Management. Dev is disciplined about fitness and passionate about mental puzzles. He also enjoys riding around the neighborhood on his bicycle in the early hours of the morning.

  • Kundan

    Kundan Kumar

    Software Developer

    Kundan is a mobile app developer who joined Logistimo in order to use his software development skills to impact users in the last mile of the supply chain. He works within the logistic and telematics domain in the Tusker project and focuses using android and embedded platform to develop app and device software. His goal is to make life easier for mobile users in rural areas: enabling them to place transport orders, track fulfillment, auction jobs for transporters and enjoy savings and the convenience of doorstep delivery. Prior to Logistimo Kundan was with Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, where he worked with a small team on embedded technologies for a telematics project. Outside the office, he enjoys listening to shayiris and playing cricket.

  • Smriti

    Smriti Roy

    Software Developer

    Smriti is talented in development and testing for the mobile domain, and is expanding her coding and designing logic. Her graduate summer project was in CRIS (Center for Railway Information Systems) where she designed a software for managing locomotives. She also worked on various other projects during her graduation, including designing a macro library, and designing a grading system. Smriti received her Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science student from Shobhit University. Always among the top three students of her batch, her mantra is to never stop learning. Along with academics, she was the lead singer of her college band, "Raheein". Her friends and colleagues know her as dedicated, hardworking, loyal, talkative, fun and a big foodie. Her guilty pleasures include golgappas and fashion magazines.

  • Sujith

    Sujith Nair

    Software Developer

    Born in Kerala, raised in Mumbai, schooled in Varanasi, launched his career in Gurgaon and landed in Bangalore, Sujith is a software engineer with a larger-than-life approach to his work and life. He lives by the motto "Even if I fail, I plan to fail big." He is an ardent believer in the power of networks and the Web. At Logistimo, he builds high-performing, scalable systems to crunch and chew on huge volumes of data. A history-buff and a trivia-enthusiast, his favorite literary character is Albus Dumbledore.

    Sujith has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering and a Master's degree in Systems Engineering.

  • Abhilash

    Abhilash Jain

    Software Developer

    Abhilash’s last project in Logistimo was creating a distributed scheduling framework and a search & de-duplication service for the Tusker application. On the side, he is also exploring the Hyperloop theory to transport colleagues to their destinations rapidly and with minimum loss of energy by transforming them into light and using total internal reflection. A couple of minutes into a conversation with him and a few theories (and their corollaries) later will make you want to stop the room from spinning so you can get off and stagger away.

    His humongous interest in human life and insatiable curiosity about people stems from the fact that he’s an alien visitor on our planet. Do his colleagues believe Abhilash is an interplanetary being? Overwhelmingly and without a doubt. An intelligent extraterrestrial? The jury is still out on that one. Academically, he has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. While there, he worked on solving the traveling salesman problem – a kind of NP-hard problem that cannot be solved in polynomial time for asymptotically large values of n - for more than 100 cities using a balanced combination of genetic algorithm and simulated annealing. When he has free time he plays barefoot badminton and perfects his poker face (at the same time if possible).

  • Mrinalini

    Mrinalini Menon

    Program Coordinator

    Mrinalini. Her of the Mona Lisa smile. Mrinalini is the duck that's gliding effortlessly, calm on the surface, but paddling like the dickens underneath. She manages all the company’s administrative operations. She approaches each task with passion and an idea of what the final effect should be – that’s why she always finds a solution, no matter the difficulty. The road to her goals is strewn with good communication, hard work, democratic ethics, quality work and creative thinking. Before moving to Logistimo, Mrinalini worked as a Director at Tidewater Shipping, and before that had stints with TCS and HSBC. She earned an MBA in Finance from IBS and a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance from St Joseph’s College of Commerce. A horror fan, she embraces every decade that horror has to offer. She thrills in the whole process of choosing what to watch, and sometimes picks up a ‘80s horror film, DVD, shakes it around and holds it under her nose to smell the oaky freshness. She also carries a knife.

  • Naren

    Narendiran D

    Site Reliability Engineer

    Naren manages Logistimo’s infrastructure and application and is responsible for availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, capacity planning and DevOps activities in Logistimo. Which basically means that he is a 24/7 production monitor, digital gate-keeper rolled into one. He built the company’s infrastructure from scratch and automated most of the processes. Prior to Logistimo he worked at Comcast and Cognizant. Hardworking and dedicated, Naren is the go-to man when there’s a problem to be solved. Built like Kungfu Panda, he shares some qualities with the character. He’s sociable, hates walking and long-term plans, is difficult to stop when he’s got his mind fixed on something, cannot survive without his sunglasses and never says no to anyone who approaches him for help. His big interests are football, movies and cricket. Naren holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Communications Engineering Technology from Sathyabama University.

  • Mohan S

    Mohan Srinivas Palavancha

    Software Developer

    The first qualities that strike you about Mohan are his enthusiasm to throw himself into new challenges and his sheer commitment to work. A full stack developer at Logistimo, Mohan works across all levels of product development, including analytics framework. His unending desire to learn statistical (and descriptive) analysis of data, machine learning, artificial intelligence gives rise to a keen interest in designing interactive visualizations. He commenced his professional journey at Cognizant Technology Solutions, from where he moved to Accenture as a Senior Software Engineer. Mohan holds an M. Tech degree in Communication Engineering with a specialization in digital signal processing from Vellore Institute of Technology and a B. Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from PBR VITS. He describes himself as a learner, listener and observer who’s passionate about digital tech, poetry, fiction, photography, cinema and philosophy.

  • Chandrakant

    Chandrakant Meena

    Software Developer

    Chandrakant has a collegiate, unassuming way about him that instantly disarms you. But don’t let the easy charm fool you. He has an understanding of craft-coding that is very advanced for his youthful demeanor. He has a strong passion for ICT and loves to explore the implementation of IT solutions in improving the lives of people in the community. At Logistimo, Chandrakant aims to further contribute his expertise in supporting the delivery of lasting solutions to undeserved communities around the world.

    Chandrakant has a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical (power) from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. During engineering school, he singlehandedly developed and designed IIT Delhi’s BRCA’s Rendezvous’15 official android app, incorporating features like a map of events around, live audience polling for events, event schedule, registration and push notification. The app was used by an audience of 5000. Chandrakant has a keen aesthetic eye and has been involved in theater and photography and is an accomplished self-taught artist.

    Fresh out of studying, Chandrakant found us in his search for a place to complete his final year internship. It couldn’t have been a better match. After spending years defying the – norm as an avid participant in the – scene, Chandrakant is an expert on – underground culture. Fast forward three years and he completed his degree in – from – and moved to Bangalore joined Logistimo full time. Being the only real Rajasthani in the office, Chandrakant has his feet firmly planted in the local scene and has the skills to get things done.

  • Reshma

    Reshma Malemarpuram

    Quality Engineer

    Reshma, an ISTQB certified tester handles responsibility for developing the API automation framework for both web and mobile. She also performs manual testing and manages testing activities in Testlink and supports hiring initiatives. She has helped build and mentor Logistmo’s Quality Assurance team.

    Prior to joining Logistimo, she worked with Tata Consultancy Services as an Assistant Systems Engineer.

    Reshma received a Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology from JNTU. Before and after work she’s absorbed in caring for and raising her two children, checking out the latest diet fads, and partaking in fun activities with friends.

  • Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

    Software Developer

    Amit is adept in application development and optimization and has an enviable knowledge of android app development, data structures and algorithms design and object oriented programming. Amit commenced his professional journey as a software developer exploring AngularJS, Android and web framework at Strata Retail & Technology Services. In quest of a place to constantly learn and contribute back to the world, he found an opportunity at Logistimo and got hooked with the approach and environment.

    Amit keeps physically fit with kalari, badminton and yoga and mentally agile with Sudoku. He relies on the teachings of the Geeta to inspire himself to always be his best. He enjoys trekking and sometimes combines another favorite activity on treks - visiting famous temples. He has a Master of Computer Applications in Computer Programming, Specific Applications from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli.

  • Manjusha

    Manjusha Pingali

    Business Analyst

    Manjusha is the multi-linguist of technology driven business. She speaks fluent data analysis, geek, difficult customer, and insights. If her left and right brain were hands, she’d be ambidextrous. She’s the calm one. She runs towards fires. What this means for the team is that she helps in project implementations, monitors quality and accuracy of data across client engagements, communicates and coordinates with customers and internal teams to resolve issues. She also builds customer response protocol and systems to smoothen customer interaction and handles product testing and improvement.

    Prior to Logistimo, Manjusha worked with S&P Global Market Intelligence and interned with KPMG and ICICI Bank. She grew up in New Delhi and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Delhi University and Master of Business Administration in Finance from Indraprastha University. Staying stuck in the same routine is definitely not for her, so whenever the opportunity presents itself, she’s off to new destinations, trying something new or connecting with friends and family. She draws the line at trying anything without her hand sanitizer nearby, however.

  • Yuvaraj

    Yuvaraj BH

    Software Developer

    Yuvaraj is an engineer who is passionate about developing cross platform mobile applications. He is interested in web technologies, collaboration tools and social development. His great passion is helping to shape the tools that users in the last mile will use. A consummate team player, Yuvaraj is the go-to person for advice and direction on user-interface design.

    Before Logistimo he was a software designer with the Royal Bank of Scotland and prior to that he worked with Verizon Data Services and Cognizant Technology Solutions.

    Yuvaraj received a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology. After hours, you’re most likely to find Yuvaraj with one of four things in his hand: a plate of paani puri his favorite guilty pleasure; a bag packed and ready to travel to a new destination; his camera; or his laptop for his all-consuming thirst for learning new technologies.

  • Pratik

    Pratik Shetty

    Business Analyst

    Pratik is a data-optimist who is happiest when he is working towards a larger cause. He joined Logistimo’s team as a business analyst, where he supports project implementations, customer support and data analysis.

    After his undergrad he worked as a Research intern at ActionAid India and later as an Apprentice Leader at Mu Sigma Inc., gaining experience as an analytics and decision science practitioner. He totted up more than three years of experience solving pivotal business problems for Fortune 500 clients across pharmaceutical, e-commerce, technology and airline industries.

    He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, where he was a member of the football, track & field and hockey teams.

    Pratik spent some time volunteering at Ashwini Charitable Trust, teaching basic mathematics to underprivileged primary school children, and at ActionAid India, a civil rights and social action group. A Bangalore boy, Pratik is happiest when he’s stretched out watching a show, or, more likely, the back of his eyelids. When he can be bothered to move, he’s a blur on the football field or being the life of the party.

  • Abdul

    Abdul Basith

    Business Analyst

    Abdul is a recovering engineer with a marketing psyche, a growing love for data, and a yen for witty conversation and snappy comebacks. His skills are diverse, and include sales, consulting and financial analysis across multiple industries and regions. However, he is equally passionate about working with people and will inevitably take a quick break to chat about shoes, plants, aesthetics or dreams with a colleague or tell a terrible joke that only he laughs at. Prior to Logistimo he has worked with Allegiant Air, Endeavor, ExxonMobil, Schneider Electric channel partner and Northern Trust.

    Abdul holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications from Visvesvaraya Technological University. Born and raised in Mangalore, he has lived and worked in Las Vegas, Istanbul, N’Djamena, Bahrain and Bangalore where he is now based. His interest in the world led him to study a number of languages which he speaks to various degrees of proficiency including Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Arabic and French. At work and outside, Abdul is an indomitable shutterbug, willing volunteer, sensitive aesthete and maddening perfectionist.

  • Siri

    Siri Shetty

    Business Analyst

    Siri is a five-foot bundle of grit and charm and she’s used to towering over everyone in the room with her talent and energy. She helps Logistimo’s clients understand the application and works with them to fix technical issues. Her role helps her leverage her skills in client services, love of problem-solving and passion for helping others. She has a strong background in program management, market research, information elicitation, critical analysis, and reporting. Working at Logistimo gives her the perfect opportunity to combine these strengths!

    She previously worked for a venture capital firm, where she was a part of a team that assisted in launching new companies. She had the responsibility of identifying niche clientele sector and overseeing all communications. Prior to that, she worked as a Transformation Assurance Analyst at Accenture.

    Siri received her Bachelor’s engineering degree in Computer Science from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Computer Science & IT Management from The University of Manchester. When not at work she enjoys preparing for her next marathon, socializing with friends and family, traveling and spending time with her beloved dogs.

  • Shekhar

    Shekhar Raiwani

    Supply Chain Analyst

    Shekhar brings the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical work experience to Logistimo. He has more than five years of experience in various domains of supply chain planning. He is passionate about developing supply chain processes in different environments and has played a pivotal role with industry leading organizations. In his last assignment with United Nations World Food Program, Shekhar successfully introduced the Supply Chain Planning function and implemented the Supply Chain Planning process for their global operations.

    He has a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's and MBA focused on Supply Chain.

  • Chitra

    Chitra Char

    Senior Developer

    Chitra is a techno-believer whose goal is to use technology to help bring equality in the world and reduce corruption. She plays an essential role in developing Logistimo’s mobile application. Over the 25 years of her career, she’s seen the software world change from developing engineering applications in Fortran on Digital’s VMS operating system to android systems. The one thing that hasn’t changed in all these years is her eagerness to imbibe new technical skills. Before joining Logistimo in January 2015 Chitra worked for Tata Consulting Engineers, Honeywell and Eagle Technology Inc. She graduated from BMS College of Engineering with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics. Outside of Logistimo, Chitra is a voracious reader, and powers through comics, biographies, fiction and non-fiction – basically, no reading material is safe around her. She’s also an activist for animal rights, does everything she can to support stray animals in need.

  • Gururaj

    Gururaj Derebail

    Software Quality Engineer

    Gururaj joined Logistimo as to contribute to Logistimo's mission of enhancing rural health management. Before joining Logistimo, Gururaj worked with Cisco, where he worked primarily in the area of high definition Audio-visual solutions, software solutions for set-top box, content protection for pay-TV, web applications and recommendation engines. A serious quality enthusiast, he’s constantly ruminating about ways to automate boring and repetitive tasks. He has worked on diverse technologies, including Java, Selenium-WebDriver and Python.

    Originally from coastal Karnataka, Gururaj is now based in Bangalore. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University. A keen observer and learner, he loves long-drives, treks and exploring new cities. Don’t get him started on current affairs, international politics, newly released technologies, cricket, or tennis unless you’re ready for a passionate, in-depth, analytical conversation.

  • Jyothi

    Jyothi Jain

    Software Quality Engineer

    Jyothi is a motivated individual with a desire to create social impact. As a quality engineer at Logistimo, she works with the team to identify, analyze and document problems with program function, output or content and participate in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product designs or potential problems.

    Jyothi spent three-and-a-half years in Cognizant after completing her Bachelor of Computer Application from SBJMC. Through this experience, she was exposed to quality assurance within the financial services domain and the potential positive impact of data-driven decision-making. A quick learner, she is always among the first to learn and apply new technology to solve challenges.

    Outside the office, Jyothi recharges her batteries on the court with a game of badminton or throwball. She also loves curling up on the couch with the latest bestseller, TV drama series or surfing the pages of Quora. If she’s not on the court or couch you’re sure to find her in the kitchen cooking up an exotic recipe, or at the mall indulging in some retail therapy. Be nice to her, play some Maroon5 or Taylor Swift and she may reward you with a stunning and intricate mehendi pattern. It all depends on her mood.